“After Siddhartha Gautama Realized BuddhaNature and was invited strongly to get up from beneath that Bodhi Tree …”

by TRO

Yes, of course He had felt in Spirit-Nirvanic-Impersonal-Bliss to simply sit and without any thought, especially of moving Himself.

However, as one of the many legends goes, surrounding the why? question of His getting HimSelf up and becoming the walking-teacher until His physical bodily death, which He also made a teaching-moment with those present, Lord Brahma HimSelf made a personal visit to the sitting in Bliss One under that Bodhi Tree at that time, to say that not only did then, and likely for many human Ages to come, humanity need His, The Buddhas’ teaching and moving amongt them on foot presence to initiate a long-after His passing from that body helpful to countless ones teaching-tradition; also, Lord Brahma in this legend is recalled to have shared, so very much also did the demi-gods of Lord Indra’s Devachan or Heavenly planets’ realm need Now-then this Teaching of BuddhaNature.

Another one of many legends states that the first place upon his lifelong thereafter walkabout and teach about the nature of self-suffering and how to alleviate same, leaving for the next soon-enough in human life history on Earth Avatar and also LIFE-Major complementary with the Buddha ever since, the Master and Christed One (not as with BuddhaNature at all the one and only one ever) Jesus or Jeshua to teach of GODNATURE in the Rasa of ‘The Father’ GOD-Trancendental as ever-With all of we also as ‘The Son’ of self-made-mostly ‘prodigal self-natures’ to be redeemed by going through the first five Initiations as That Master’s Life Mission demonstrated as done-perfectly for all this world’s dwellers with eyes to see and ears to hear, etc., one of the Gautama The Buddha legends has him giving his first teaching-talk to a group of his previous in that life fellow ascetic yogi’s who were sparely living off the land at that moment in time at the public deer park in Sarna, India.

Those ascetic yogi’s at first and for some time did their ‘bests’ to ignore and be dismissive of their old fellow renunciate yogi practitioner who they all felt had ‘fallen’ and had for certain walked away from their company and path after having overheard, while taking some drink from the river on its bank, as another legend goes, a musician-boatsman teaching his stringed-instrument learning-to-play-well student came by within Siddhartha Gautama’s earshot, and in what that teacher had said to the student, Gautama realized at-once His true yogic practitioner-calling to what He later termed The Middle Way between all practically infinite ‘pairs of opposites,’ and simultaneously realized that renunciation alone, nor any extremes of self-denial or self-indulgence were NOT The Way, as He heard in the master musician-boatsman’s words to the student, to “neither make too tight the strings in self-tuning one’s instrument, as they will break; nor tune-them too loosely, for then they will not make sound or allow one to play them at all well.”

So, as this legend goes, the acestic sadhaks bro.’s were feeling all this past-imagined-wrongs done them by Siddhartha Gautama, and yet more simply invitingly powerful was the Light, or “Tej”, pouring-out, so to say, from Gautama’s head and crown chakra, so they sort-of composed themselves and agreed to give an experimental-listen to Gautama Who was indicating that He had some Good News of value to share with them; and so He gave, according to this legend, His first Teaching of BuddhaDharma in the spontaneous form from Him of what has come to be well-circulated all over this Good Earth as The Four Nobel Truths.

In brief, those four go something like this:

  1. There is self-suffering or ducca, and to understand the Nature of this suffering is to be wise and with practice liberated.
  2. Suffering of oneself is caused primarily always by attachment of the ‘mental body’ habitual and unSelf-Aware-of this fact.
  3. In order to undo one’s own self-suffering and the attendant thereby human propensity to also inflict suffering or try to upon other, one needs to undo one’s own human complexity of one’s own attachment of mind to forms in flux as though to somehow impossibly arrest and keep them ‘as is’ so to say; for one’s, also passing and in flux, temporal self-identities.
  4. Eight-limbed or eight-phased Ashtanga or Raja Yogic Practice of the Mind’s Liberation (later restated so clearly in Patangali’s Yoga Sutras, which are also composed in the same Impersonal teaching mood and mode as BuddhaDharma) ~ a wholly-extension of the waking up from the dream dharma association [TM] via TRO aka Timothy Robert Onucki, copyright @3:57pm EDST USA @08840 (in briefer brief: 1) There is suffering, 2) Suffering is caused by the attachment of mind, 3) To undo suffering, undo attachment of mind, and 4) The method for practice to accomplish this feat offered by Sidhartha Gautama Buddha).

“the real Life choice now-today facing we all for we to reason together with in order to choose well, or to turn our backs to and not face”

“we-humanity are altogether at a turning point of choice not to take the easy way of saying men are this and women that and political life and the Life of Spirit and such dichotomies false, from personal to largest human societal groups, still easier sad to have to say, to ‘bring into two and mores’ human group consensus realities’ with hateful lies transparent, than to care fully document and share with enough ones to tip the scales and shed the scale of weighing only emotionally what first quick feels easiest, and so “best” to our fellow humans, to then plan/organize our livingnesses truly together to shared Good-for-all-lives’ Purpose-s grounded and brought-together by facts-in-actual-evidences unto Living Growing Well-er-by Living Share-able [as-in-non-I-maginary-onLIES] Truths of Real Living LIFE Relatives of We” ~ Tim Onucki in the very current mean-means’-time of LIES receiving far more ‘airtime’ on the actually publicly owned airwaves which are downloaded into many homes by fiber optic cables, and mirror, and here’s the thing, if we lie and invest ourselves in maintaining the lie of our lives as alone ‘with’ one another as being the easy way to live, then what we see time and attention and value-thereby EVEN WHEN CHALLENGED SOME BY PUNDITS ON SCREENS to anything But to Pause to Sit Down Together to Reason Together Towards Truth Accepting Consensus on Facts-in-evidences here on the ground, so to say, Is the Living Process We HumanKIN need Now to Choose to replace the “easier, more instant self-gratifying way and mean-means felt still as so by so many” by beginning ‘at home’ with those we have more than screenface-times’ “together” With 

“unified fields” all-living poet tree branches of the One LIFE

“unified fields”

all is energy

all is Spirit

Spirit is Life

Spirit matters


comprise descent

downward pointing

triangle manifesting

content of creation

cycles of births/deaths

of the Spirit Life in forms

childish is thinking forms

thinking time, or currency

thinking any form-actuality

to be unspiritual or unholy

this, in fact, is unwholesome

and in truth as well is in error

the upward pointing triangle

is of aspiration to the One Life

the One Spirit Source of ALL-In-

All lifeforms’ livingness Promise

And so the symbol of 6-pointed

Star of unmanifest manifesting

All being of and As the One Life

Eternal and temporal objective

As Well With Spirit Life itSELF

Super Subjective One Who Is

And One Who Knows Perfectly

Omnisciently ~ OmniPresently

OmniPotently ~ All Powerfully

Both Masculine And Feminine

Both Father And Mother Principle

Both Ray One And Ray Two Energy

Lines of LIFE Dual becoming Forces

In universal theatres of timespace

And only childish wishing to simplify

Not make true Simplicity of their selfs

Deny any value to currencies, to time,

to Life-plans and the humanSoul Joy of

Lives planning stages together to make

So here-now their livingnesses, together

EnJoyning this living process, not to make

As though fixed the outcomes, but rather

With JoyUsness, leaving room every step

Of two or mores’ making in this maturing

ChildLike Innocence regrowing Living Way

Invitation deep and sound for Life to descend into and open Us up^in to the Promise of Ever-better outcomes of We than ever any ones of we could self-i-magine, much less by self-passing make So

~ a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free

“no more response able to be shamed or embarrased by myself or any other passing lives in form for the best of all of We”

“I more anymore than ‘just suppose’ that my “special” human  need is to give of and share of mySelf With others who are of an unfoldment into We-Consciousness as their baseline Self-honest and Self-sharing “default” mode of human beingness.  And after a lifetime of my extending myself in this way unto other lives, and advocating same for others who could not at the times speak up and/or stand up for themselves in this way, so to say. I find now “my holding by mySelf and “Higher Powers” so to say, that I am quite happily and quite thoroughly, no longer by myself or by others’ passing selfs, embarrassable or shameable, for staying true to mySelf (and their’s as well I trust) in not accepting intimate or ongoing any much time and energy invested in, of other than this We-Conscious (only Way I See) for any Us’s Forwards anymore from Now > on (and We-Conscious may, if one likes, also be termed ‘Christed-ness’ and re-Membered ‘Buddha-Natured-ness’ so to say, and only those of we who, in our “default” Self-modes Ever anymore Do, whatever feedbacks, ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ and ‘indifferent We may ever forwards anyways ‘receive’ and/or be ‘given’ especially As ‘Or Else’ to ‘take-in’, much less adopt ANYmore Ever for ourSelfs moving forwards With (and in so many instances, seemingly, ‘without’ the companies of, one-time, intimate-other lives … that Is the Ill-Us-ion, and the passing-self-human-delusion most folks’ still share without any Self-heard-clue as to ‘so-doing’, ‘so-being’ and so-taking-in as ‘as good as IT gets’ here on this earthplane, or anywhere same ones may imagine themselves truly being, and being-With.”

~ via Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on this afternoon of Tuesday July the 11th 2017 being this latest edition of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] coming through circa 4:01pm EDST USA 08840

Learning to more truly love as to serve as to become the Path which Knows As oneSelf Love for all lives and the skillful means come thereby to us to serve well the present living lives’ need

“Non-attachment to passing self-estates is key to bringing alive within our humanity share-able by first so-applying being/doing within, and then with one another the Aquarian and second and seventh ray particular humanSoul qualities of our parts to play-out joyously-so of our growing as living well response abilities along the lines of cooperation and collaboration with higher worlds’ energy influences receiving cooperative also with Nature and with the evolving God of our Heart’s also growing understanding of the evolutionary local Plan for all lives’ evolving as well. This is what St. Paul means when he writes advising us “not to conform with the ways of the world” and so liberate as best we will ourselves of the fears and separative limiting predominant groupself-manners of any given times and world-contexts. This pro-active responsible disciplic progressive stance is of the ongoing self-discplined joyful because humanSoul-centered way truly forward, as it does not “simply” give itself in to little and/or wholly misunderstood and unhealthy suggestions of ideas that are not good for living Life such as moderndaze verions of “being-de-tached” and “acting from feelings of being-disassociative with what does not immediately self-gratify us” as somehow good advice for we who would be We-Conscious Christed and BuddhaNatured becoming ones on the Path of Service 1) to love others As we have learned well to truly Love ourSelfs, 2) to our growing by steps and degrees via our serving and our meditations and the our very present humanSoul incarnations life-purposes and life-lessons, and 3) by making contact where possible on the higher mental planes at and above the humanSoul Intuitional buddhi-manasic fourth mental plane on which relationships of collaborative, cooperative, living co-creative of good for all lives level of serving God’s evolutionary local Plan are makeable with first our individual soul, and then of real possible promise, with our human groupsouls as with our Elder servers of not only or primarily our selfs but of all lives within Their spheres of contacts, to work well with Them to better still serve our own spheres of given earned service.”

~ a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] via Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on Thursday July 6th 2017 circa 11:17am EDST USA 08840

Don’t be afraid to feel afraid, the less we are, the more temporal passing lifting from us quickeningly are those human self- and groupself-estates; by self-disciple followed ever by descents of new graces of good for all lives ourSelfs’ reMemberings more wHoly-So

“To all of we We-Conscious aka Christ-awakening human disciplic world server ones today who are truly on The Middle Way between the Pairs of Opposites Path progressive pro-active path forwards, upwards and more inclusively ever more syntheses forming unto group untities living and serving through; let Us all too remember Yoko Ono’s beautiful lyric lines to her husband Life-partner John Lennon, of: “You can go from pole to pole and never scratch your soul; Don’t be afraid to go to hell and back; Don’t be afraid to be afraid.” As in that way, the self-condition of fear and of paralysis is all the more temporal-made and lifted by both self-discipline and by the answering descents of grace. Sri Aurobindo speaks well to this dynamic, as do many other of our Elder Brothers and Sisters. DK too of course; and his teachings to disciples on the need for all such would-be ones of a self-balancing good self-humor growing perspective and responds, as essential to the walking any pathway of discipleship in human form lives, is along these very same lines; and speaks well enough for itself.” ~ Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones here being a conduit of the wholly spirited extending of the waking up from the dream dharma Freely We-Associating ones today this Thursday July 6th 2017 circa 8:21am EDST USA 08840

a republic if we can keep it

“Citizenship of a functioning democratic republic from of Of, By and For all We The Peoples hereof, as well as impacting in a good way for all lives of this world today, is not, and cannot, be passive and/or self- and groupself-pleasing at any, much less at all costs, and neither can it be justifying, normalizing and appeasing of elected leadership positons and/or ones in those positions-visible; citizenship is like Patrick Henry said, “comes at the price of eternal vigilance” and like Ben Franklin said to a passerby Philadelphian of the time when he emerged on from the Continental Congress there which had just ratified the U.S. Constitution and made of those original 13 former British colonies of we these United States of America he responded to a passerby who asked him “Do we have a monarchy or a Republic?”, and Franklin, whether a factual story or an apochryphal one, tersely replied, “a republic; IF we can keep it,” or as President Dwight David Eisenhauer said in the second half of that Farewell Address from his term in office, remembered for his forewarning we all about what he termed first “the unchecked power of the military-industrial complex”, in the second half more positive yet still challenging us to, if we would make democracy function in this time and post WWII Age, “as a whole citizenry keep alert and well-informed of the actual facts in evidence and unfolding” (paraphrased from memory cells aging too), that’s the gist of his thought on that subect though; no different than John Adam’s from the get-go on the necessity of a lifelong self-re-educating enlightened and engaged U.S. citizenry, and otherwise him, and other Founders, expressing their there-upon grounds for well-founded concerns about mob-rule and a populism perveted by faux-populist strongman-type fearless-leaders of the BigDaddyBigBrother sort or even unimagined even moreso as-impossible ones such as our twentieth and twentyfirst century world “leader” of that dictator, totalitarian stripe and human ray type, what and who we now have in Amerika with the transparent code-word-symbols for our large-group-self-regression as a United People of United States of, is ‘The Donald’ a buffoon, and a most dangerous one, so long as we tend to normalize and “discuss” if discuss at all, in terms of that great not good Amerikan past-time of numbers’ games, and horse race and other politics and sport statistical analyses and prognostications of who and what policies will win out and become laws of this land, as well as what foreign relations will win-out, How so? When? And where? And so, within this very sad and unwell frame, of course we have neither functioning democracy nor republic State of any Union Of, By and For We The Peoples hereof or for the world condition contributing-to for that matter; What we have is a Corporatocracy Oligarchic Orwellian Miasma Playing out while so many of the self- and groupself-annointed Enlightened Ones today, go on fiddling like Nero while Rome burns, not deigning to do the difficult work of keeping truly-‘simply’ alert and lifelong self-educating to the maya and the karma of all that, as well as to keep in-attunment and pro-actively-so with the unfolding possible truth, the energies of same, and the dharmic coming natural to sames thereby pro-activity ‘simply’ progressive and in no degrees or areas inner or outer of denial and willful ignorance, and worst of all attitudes for would be functioning well as disciples much less initiate world servers, of thinking/feeling believing themselves to be “above all lesser than ideal Self-engagements with human history as it is ever Now unfolding” either with us, or with us passively repeating our mantrams and our self-allegiences to “our personal peaces uberalis”, which makes “the news” to be NOT the real news, “the government visible OR discussable” to be NOT the real government here on Earthplane acting-out, and “the favorite Life wisdom stories and scenarios we tell” ourselfs and one anothers’ at every earthlives’ real peril, to in actuality have nothing at all Real or Actual to do With.”

~ a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] via Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on this July 5th 2017 circa 7pm EDST 08840

IT began this last dark chapter with our Secret Service “asking” for President-elect Obama’s Blackberry with all his then Left of Center base contact infos, and his then and thereafter, giving-all-in when so-“asked” I think, how about You?

“A very early tip-off to me just after Barack Obama won his first term POTUS’ election, was that the, longarms of ‘the deep State’ as Steve Bannon and others would term the institutional and beyond partisanship generally, U.S. federal beaucracy giving U.S. continuity and Yes some other darker world-order in U.S. since WWII perceived by foreign policy interested elites persistence in that framework to by same beaucratic office appointees and careerist gov’t. officials who serve at the pleasure of usually many White House administrations of both major U.S. political electoral politics’ Partys, … so anyway, the Secret Service in a one time reported for the most part and then not mentioned again, asked in still-November of 2008 of President-elect Obama for his personal Blackberry communications’ device, on which he had stored so many tens of thousands, some say, activist members of his political Left of Center then such ones contact informations, and the Secret Service manner of “asking” was more like “demanding”, and being ‘no-drama-Obama’ he gave in without any muss or fuss; SO Unlike, obviously, if one is at all aware of these present day Trump as POTUS unending Tweet storms of policy level blurts-out alongside every day with personal pre-teen thin-skinned bully-type early-on socio-pathology formative years’ sorts of AS UNPresidential as IT gets so-far behavior, and so-far everyone who does not celebrate this monsterous goings-on SO obviously eating away at the Heart of who and what The American Spirit and National People’s Gov’t. Soul and Personality Rays’ aligned Purpose and Promise, just ‘wrings their hands’ about how we might mitigate the damages done ongoingly, Much Less zero anyone simply taing that obvious too-advanced techno-toy from this POTUS back when he was first our U.S. President-elect … what does Your reading of present vis a vis the Obama early-on assertion by the U.S. federal “deep State operatives’ of who was Really running this show? And President Obama’s near-to-blind persistence way beyond ANY logical timeframe, his hopes for bi-partisanship before almost any and all other made by him defacto lesser societal values and practical possibilities? Did the Secret Service “deep State operatives” or ones who they let in close to in private let Barack know so very early on after his election, that he was not to rock the boat, or to think about using his first administration’s super-majority in Congress to ram-through any of his campaign promises, and was not to be permitted to stay in touch with the Left of Center part of his base, or even to keep any of their contact infos on his confiscated without complaint by him then or later-still-now, and throughtout his eight year term as POTUS appointing always industry bigshots to be foxes guarding the chickenhouses of federal regulatory agencies, making White House private meeting before BigPharma,Insurance and AMA/APA BigHealthcare industry players signed on to the way-watered-down and made-for-lots-of-private GUARANTEED in hundreds of billions specific promise made by “President” Obama to sames, again one-timem and way-under-reported to this day, along with his signed into law still-standing, in particular the 2009 NDAA (National Defense regular annual Appropriations Act) into which that year was fast-tracked by Sen. McCain and a Dem. Party flunkie co-sponser, provisions granting until replealed, and no mention made of it yet in the commericial media, extraordinary powers to the Chief Executive, declaring as law so far as the U.S. is concerned, the entire surface of this planet as a “battlefield in the [oxymoronic-Orwellian-DoubleThink/DoubleSpeak as can be]War On Terror, wherin battlefield military justice rules all apply to all potential enemy target including those of U.S. citizenship, including ones who have no criminal records, and without habeas corpus to be summarily with the signatures in secret by the Chief Executive or his or her designated Executive branch signing surrogates, to remove indefinitely to undisclosed detention facilities and/or to summarily execute secretly as many of these as the Chief Executive calls to be done with so, with no legal charges, no legal representation, no court ordered authorities given or required to be sought, and if indefinitely secretly detained, no info given to either Congress, or Freedom of Information Act filers, or to family or friend of the summary seized ones, nor to anyones”, and Barack Obama signed this quietly into law, and being a Constitutional scholar and a humanitarian and community organizer at one time of obvious sincerity and committed life to same values, well knew the lasting legacy of this signing of all that into law act, also being a student of the fact of powers accrued to the Chief Executive and that branch of gov’t. hardly ever, if ever, have been taken back once made law of this land, So … Did, I ask You? Barack Hussein Obama get met in secret by not only those Secret Service agents who took away his Blackberry so hard-upon after his being elected to his first term, Get TOLD in NO Uncertain terms? What would happen to him AND all of his dear family members, unless he acquiesced and played ball like a good White House nigger, in matters of this nature? I take nothing away from this man or his family, who I regard as the finest to have ever occupied our nation’s home for our Chief Executive and his or her own. Can anyone anymore appreciate subtle points? That are not either/or or one’s of hyper-normalizing all that unfolds for good, for indifferent and for ill-makings??? As “all one and no matter” we’re all “better off” not asking these dangerous questions, The Show Must Go On [that is, until it implodes].”

~ Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on behalf of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] on this day after the Fourth of July 2017 circa 5:13pm EDST 08840

Today July 4th Worldwide InterdepenDance Celebration Day Call to Solidarity and Collaboration for Good for all Earthlives

“In my trained psycho-social view, Mike Pence, The Koch Brothers and their tyoe of owners’ class member socio-pathology, most of Trump’s cabinet, and Trump himself, are almost all of them sociopaths; however Trump, and Ben Carson, are not high-functioning ones in terms of governing know-how to put into law what will legalize, as happened in 1930’s Germany, what no nation, or Peoples thereof, nor the world at large, can or will experience healthy outcomes if any do not become actors as well as sages for-real and/or in the legends of their own minds; we cannot allow ecocide or mass human suicide unspoken pacts to go on any longer at this point in time, not “tomorrow” to arrest from allowing politically, i.e. we must impeach the key players, and especially the more high-functioning ones Now rather than any much “later”, a la “the Neville Chamberlain cautionary real life historical example” that we Must Not Follow Now-today, with any more political theatre punditry, nor any more wise old white male vibe groups of some esoteric knowledge-bases, doing the Neville Chamberlain, and more sadly like those in that grouplife today who are and remain apologists for ecocide, crimes against humanity, hoarding of wealth in small separated piles-high which like manure only smell and make-all-ill, rather than when spread around, help make good things to grow for us all, and apologists so very sadly ones as well for misogyny, nationalist nativist ‘make great again’ jingoist walls-rather-than-bridges building policies and prejudices of privilege living as such especially well meaning ones unbeknownst to themselves, fearful of the transitional time of the Inner Life Call to all Now-today to move pro-actively with the New planetary and human vibration in numbers growing healthfully for helping facilitate women and the divine feminine polarity in all lives to unfold in freedom as not in a very long human historical timeframe, and the same for Peoples of all backgrounds and skin colors and religious hertitages who also evolve along these same lines and change their faiths, as practiced, and as emphasized, these same core living Life values apropos for today, courageously with Heart; no need to be or pretend to be altogether fearless as this time for the overwhelming majority of humanity of all degress of self- and groupself- enlightenments progressive and recognized as not the endstage, but a truly New phase of perhaps beyond human teenage for a significant growing minority of we We-Conscious Now ones.” ~ a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM], via Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on this fourth of July InterdepenDance Celebration Day for so many of we We-Conscious ones today growing more in numbers and shared Heart courage here-Now>on on this July 4th 2017 evening circa 10:37pm EDST 08840


“renunciation of violence of any and all activities called-for is never of-itself enough”

“When we’re plateau-ing as individual and as group lives, it’s clearly known as felt correctly to be our time for self- and groupself lives’ integration, restoration, healing and the joyUs Knowing of simply our wellbeing. Not all times are plateau-ing times. Even aeonic long on linear timelines’ measures stable steady states of Self-estates of nirvanas and of lesser though surely pleasing to our senses such times of devachans or heavens waiting rooms of spaciousness just-right, not to much or too little felt, not too not nor too cold, like Goldilocks porridge bowl ‘just right’ just-so. Well, then periodically comes, prior to some Real having-all-arrived rememberances of all of our Selfs Together With GODNATURE of a dynamic livingness Nature Transcendental ‘One Day’ when all tears and all anxieties are forever once-more and for Good for all Life sharing thereon to come, we have our ups and downs and sideways, as the higher the evolutionary Ways, the more conscious we become of their spiraling hOMeward environmental Conscious Will-ing Natures within as With ourSelfs. So, our beings being periodically unsettled feeling, is the antithesis potentially always in all Ways truly hOMeward, of our being recalcitrant ones or ungrateful ones or willfully-ignorant in-denial at-all ones. Accepting this comes only with maturation of soul unto Spirit Selfs at any linear individual or group relative age or Age-passage. As Sri Krishna, posing As GODNATURE Original UnCreated ONE LIFE Source BEING/protoSELF, in His lengthy literate converstation with His Friend the Warrior Ksystria Englightened Archer Arjuna brought to his godman’s knees with loss of his sense of purposeful Self-direction between those two impeccably well-mannered waiting patiently two opposing battlelines of the armies gathered at Kureksetra composed of dharma and a-dharma aligned members/forces, and Krishna reveals by degrees finally all the most secret knowledge of humanity’s Real inner battlefields where the armies are of a more Real Nature, and where spiritual-death so to say is an anxiety forming Real Feeling potentiality, whereas as Krishna instructs it is only in our i-maginations on the plains of outer battlefieds equally avoidable only to make for ourselves and others greater damages done, when we truly in such contexts never do succeed in killing anyone or being killed by anyone-s Really; and lasting before saying “because I Love You,” Krishna lets Arjuna to come to Know that although we need discipline ourselves to not be attached to any of the fruits of our actions, we all must act as well as be the observing Eye sage, and Krishna says, having conquered all these Illusionary enemies, “I MySELF Am Never Without Action” if one can contemplate the actuality and the import-of this Fact of LIFE.”

~ being another wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] via TRO aka Robert Jones on this Tuesday Afternoon circa 2:14pm EDST USA 08840 Metuchen, NJ

“We don’t have to live like refugees by making others to us seem to be so”

“A Call for Living Syntheses unto Unities”

via Timothy Robert Onucki aka TRO aka Robert Jones even more temporal FB I.D.

being a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma Free Association [TM] on this Tuesday June 20th 2017 11:27am EDST USA 08840

“Throughout human history exoteric and esoteric sources’ reportings so-far, groups and their members who are focused mostly in their feeling to Know who and what are Real and Crucial to Know, naturally have a really difficult time with coming to meet and to also allow themselves the Life opportunities to come to also Know other lives, other truths, other qualities of living Spirit in both the abstracted higher worlds’ realms and in the here-and-now amongst us all, Spirit-matter-ing today such a ones to meet. And if it is indeed simply true that Knowing and Loving are intimately One, then simply whom and whatever we make ourselves out of high or now principles, no matter, unable to actually meet-with; same ones our loves for are as ephemeral and as simply unshare-able as can be. The stranger, the alien, the untutored and untaught in our I’s is our own self’s make-up and make-believe in; and not the one so-defined self-comfortwise. One may remind and reheart oneself ever most simply, not most easily at times ones is in most real self-need to do so, of livingness-share-able with the stranger presenting to oneself, by recalling the simple life-experiential observation attributed to Alfred North Whitehead of “The map is not the territory”; nor ever that other one truly just a feature on one’s map-makings-of attempts to “make understandable” by “helping them” be like us so much so as to be “our mirror reflections moreso than themselves”.