“After Siddhartha Gautama Realized BuddhaNature and was invited strongly to get up from beneath that Bodhi Tree …”

by TRO

Yes, of course He had felt in Spirit-Nirvanic-Impersonal-Bliss to simply sit and without any thought, especially of moving Himself.

However, as one of the many legends goes, surrounding the why? question of His getting HimSelf up and becoming the walking-teacher until His physical bodily death, which He also made a teaching-moment with those present, Lord Brahma HimSelf made a personal visit to the sitting in Bliss One under that Bodhi Tree at that time, to say that not only did then, and likely for many human Ages to come, humanity need His, The Buddhas’ teaching and moving amongt them on foot presence to initiate a long-after His passing from that body helpful to countless ones teaching-tradition; also, Lord Brahma in this legend is recalled to have shared, so very much also did the demi-gods of Lord Indra’s Devachan or Heavenly planets’ realm need Now-then this Teaching of BuddhaNature.

Another one of many legends states that the first place upon his lifelong thereafter walkabout and teach about the nature of self-suffering and how to alleviate same, leaving for the next soon-enough in human life history on Earth Avatar and also LIFE-Major complementary with the Buddha ever since, the Master and Christed One (not as with BuddhaNature at all the one and only one ever) Jesus or Jeshua to teach of GODNATURE in the Rasa of ‘The Father’ GOD-Trancendental as ever-With all of we also as ‘The Son’ of self-made-mostly ‘prodigal self-natures’ to be redeemed by going through the first five Initiations as That Master’s Life Mission demonstrated as done-perfectly for all this world’s dwellers with eyes to see and ears to hear, etc., one of the Gautama The Buddha legends has him giving his first teaching-talk to a group of his previous in that life fellow ascetic yogi’s who were sparely living off the land at that moment in time at the public deer park in Sarna, India.

Those ascetic yogi’s at first and for some time did their ‘bests’ to ignore and be dismissive of their old fellow renunciate yogi practitioner who they all felt had ‘fallen’ and had for certain walked away from their company and path after having overheard, while taking some drink from the river on its bank, as another legend goes, a musician-boatsman teaching his stringed-instrument learning-to-play-well student came by within Siddhartha Gautama’s earshot, and in what that teacher had said to the student, Gautama realized at-once His true yogic practitioner-calling to what He later termed The Middle Way between all practically infinite ‘pairs of opposites,’ and simultaneously realized that renunciation alone, nor any extremes of self-denial or self-indulgence were NOT The Way, as He heard in the master musician-boatsman’s words to the student, to “neither make too tight the strings in self-tuning one’s instrument, as they will break; nor tune-them too loosely, for then they will not make sound or allow one to play them at all well.”

So, as this legend goes, the acestic sadhaks bro.’s were feeling all this past-imagined-wrongs done them by Siddhartha Gautama, and yet more simply invitingly powerful was the Light, or “Tej”, pouring-out, so to say, from Gautama’s head and crown chakra, so they sort-of composed themselves and agreed to give an experimental-listen to Gautama Who was indicating that He had some Good News of value to share with them; and so He gave, according to this legend, His first Teaching of BuddhaDharma in the spontaneous form from Him of what has come to be well-circulated all over this Good Earth as The Four Nobel Truths.

In brief, those four go something like this:

  1. There is self-suffering or ducca, and to understand the Nature of this suffering is to be wise and with practice liberated.
  2. Suffering of oneself is caused primarily always by attachment of the ‘mental body’ habitual and unSelf-Aware-of this fact.
  3. In order to undo one’s own self-suffering and the attendant thereby human propensity to also inflict suffering or try to upon other, one needs to undo one’s own human complexity of one’s own attachment of mind to forms in flux as though to somehow impossibly arrest and keep them ‘as is’ so to say; for one’s, also passing and in flux, temporal self-identities.
  4. Eight-limbed or eight-phased Ashtanga or Raja Yogic Practice of the Mind’s Liberation (later restated so clearly in Patangali’s Yoga Sutras, which are also composed in the same Impersonal teaching mood and mode as BuddhaDharma) ~ a wholly-extension of the waking up from the dream dharma association [TM] via TRO aka Timothy Robert Onucki, copyright @3:57pm EDST USA @08840 (in briefer brief: 1) There is suffering, 2) Suffering is caused by the attachment of mind, 3) To undo suffering, undo attachment of mind, and 4) The method for practice to accomplish this feat offered by Sidhartha Gautama Buddha).

What Is Economy and what are economies?

“Economy” by Wu Li 10/30/17”

What does the word actually mean?

Any systems theory and practical game theory says that ‘the art of the deal’ of always taking maximal advantage of weaker players, and the even more extreme ‘winner takes all’ strategy and tactics are good ones only to put an end to the game being played.

Karl Marx asserts the very same in his Das Kaptial’s last chapter about a century before the discipline of general systems and game theory became an academic discipline.

And still, or rather sadly to say the least ill-of, most economic theory today that is widely and deeply accepted and followed ignores this and/or posits the Amerikan Dream absurdity that “freedom is giving everyone equal opportunity for each one to win-all and take the whole economic pie ideally home for oneself alone to do with whatever”; the “whatever” being ever unspecified or even mentioned, as it is so absurd and impossible of a thought; much less an actuality ever seen or witnesses.

And even more absurdly dangerous to Life not only “as we know it’, but to Life for we earthlives period; are all of the serious faced speaking still of the ought be long dead by now economists’ and laypersons’ languages of so many times over proven dead-wrong notions such as “the free self regulating by natural law-s marketplace-s” or “trickle down” and “supply side” economics disproven and foolishly or rather evilly anti-live conceived of.

This all was renounced in straightforward testimonial confessing error response following the worldwide stock markets, and then central banks crash and panic; and stated resolve to not do the same stupid stuff ever again in the days and week or two following by the major players on media interview shows, and even to sub-committees of the U.S. Congress on CSpan by Alan Greenspan.

That reknowned former FED Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board of Governor-“economists” admitted plain-spokenly that he and his nobel laureate in economic theory mentor/idol Milton Freidman had both and all of their economic player-followers been wrong; and had, in clinging onto their “economic” theoretical nonsense regardless of all the contrary facts-in-evidences[ caused so much real economic pain and suffering to many, and had multiplied that pain and suffering for the many already built-in to any unregulated runaway capitalist ‘winner take all’ system and operation, local to global in application.  But those videos are never shown nor Google-able.  And never spoken of at all.

So, What Is Economy?

I Really want to hear from You what You think.

My thought, other than a long drawn out esoteric knowledge-based actual answer here, is this one: “Economy is rather like the Supreme Court justices long ago came to agree about What is pornography? Legal American values question put to them to decide for the rest of us.  And after the justices had viewed literally scores if not hundreds of films, as their then was no digital and no video tape, on a screen set up in the Supreme Court building; and after weeks of this forensic legal diagnostic work, the best they could come up with and agree upon was that “one knows it when one see’s it is all one can assert to be the case”.

And so, I assert here-now, we have so far, as societal organism somewhat living and somewhat human, not even risen to that standard of our thoughtfulness, much less intelligent discussion grounded in facts’ in evidences about addressing: What Is Economy? or an economy humanmade and its rules followed?
Again, I will offer up to close my own brief idea of where we might begin to discuss; with:

“Economy is a living aggregate of wisely chosen actions and inactions timely, which take into account, as closely as we are ever presently able to, all of the actual costs of our doing business and personal and local to global exchanges with one another, that are of lasting real worth and wealths’ buildings-up and sharings of that are of  demonstrable value to all lives we know of; as for, naturally-commonsensically, the One Earth LIFE Host’s Gaia Body’s wellbeing upon which all lives we know of presently all do depend for theirs and are wellness in abundance, and even for theirs and our barebones continuing existences of lifeforms in this dimension.”

And perhaps also in other dimensions we may be now unaware of.

M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction unspoken “human” silent-majority sui-/eco-cide Pact coded advert message, Thank Goodness I no more have any clue to; other than; IT’s some really bad shit”

“I just heard again a clinically insane radio commercial for CitiBank whose tagline is “Imagine if a bank could make you feel just a little bit more awesome?!” What the F is that supposed to mean to any sane person? And that is all there is to it.  No information. No other sales’ gimmick than that, pity the poor dehumanized-commodfied-cyber-socialized fuck who it means something to.”

~ no foolin’ Wu Li circa 7:17pm EDST USA Sun. Oct. 29th 2017

Fiery HEART of hearts’ Spirit-matter-ing Middle Way thru is Not about self-stroking or even about Self-Sovereignty totally

Cops and criminals

Protests and Parades

Warfare As EverWelfare

More for the Fewer Few

Is it not obvious ? that the

Entire worldwide manmade

Systems today are linked-up

Criminal enterprise @bests

So walking away from is not

Necessarily going off the grid

Entirely nor is it all for oneself

Quite the opposite actually if

Only YOU would pause 2Know

Please don’t take my word for as in to believe me or not; as mere belief-in is same englamored way of relating to facts-in-evidence and ignoring/denying sames

“”With Aquarius Rising-humanSoulpart to play-out, Piscean Sun-control of only my own 3 bodies in the 3 worlds ‘ambition’, Libra-Moon-ongoing-Self-in-Form-ing Balancing acting-out and lots of Sirian, Uranian and 5th, 7th, 3rd, 1st and predominant 2nd Ray Soul and SpiritLIFE energies, my focus Is and has been ever in my memory on group lives’ relationships’ intertwined psycho-dynamics mostly of we pivotal human race types of earthlives.

So, believe me or not, I actually prefer you do not, but rather check it out by The Law of Correspondences with your own to-date Life-experiences as Gautama Buddha and DK and all our Elder Greater Lives’ of the OneLIFESpirit Cause also do implore we to.

Believe me not, check it out, as just-above outlined, within your inner and outer worlds’ of Life and of ‘death’ Experiences; this statement about my postings on social media and Self-Sharings face to face: I share my personal true stories as one constituted to, as at the top outlined, See, Feel and Focus in on both the Good and the Indifferent and the Bad Seeds so to more than just say of the latter pivotal human group dynamics as one who sought out and is deeply learned in the ways of being both a trained psychological observer and a timely and skillful means also learned intervener for healing purposes only; sharing only later on about my personal experiences if I am called to do so for same healing-in-form-ing human group purposes only.

And that, Friends and Enemies and Indifferents/Greys alike, is my whole motive in sharing my personal stories which of course I understand can be at first quite sometimes ‘unsettling’ to acknowledge, much more unsettling at first to actually ‘take in’.”

~ Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on behalf of the waking up from the dreamtime more dharmically and so more truly Free Associating With for LIFE Purposes informal human and angelic group BridgeWork Association, on the Monday circa 11:05am EDST USA, of October the 9th 2017


”Simply”, since progressives and spiritualist individuals and groups alike are today so enamoured of ‘being-simple’ as disciplic human ideal type ‘golden mean rule of thumb’, so simply this: no charges for-profit other than some gov’t. booster program taxpayers initial costs not-for-profit, for obviously sunshine, less obviously for clean and prana-charged life airs of breathable healthy atmospheres global-standard-for, same with clean and shakt-charged living waters drinkable healthily and same for lively habits for inland and oceanic marine lines, and for underground non-explosive or otherwise polluted standards-for, and living humus topsoils globally with no more faux-“Green Revoluton” BigAgri-business models domestic and exported at untold soil-viability/vitality disrupting/destroying as well as human family farming head-of-households suicides such as most demonstrable in the Indian sub-continent, as unwell as the travesty for-profit no less of seeds now patentable by corporate entities like Monsanto, and water sources of potable waters being bought up for-profit for-sale to highest bidders globally by corporate entities like Nestle domestically as well so many once local ethical family or small business brands of bottled waters, etc., SIMPLY BEING HERE.”

~ Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones FB-even more temporal self-I.D./Tim-e-line presently, on behalf of the waking up from the manmade world dreamtime into more dharmic and so more truly Free Human Associations to help meet the real present ever evolving hierarchy of need-s, circa 6:41pm EDST USA on this
Tuedays early evening here of October 3rd 2017

victims are not equivalent to selfless self-sacrificing Ones Who never give up on or give away in self-victimizing-allowing ways and manners ThemSelfs or anyones’

“If you all your lives’ long, or at any point within this one, have come to be constitutionally unable to play that unspoken human suicide of all trust in God, Man and Nature, of making false-promises-agreements-arrangements for your part to carry-out within those most-inhuman typical-today types of such, wherein the one who can most-quickly, or at-the-same-time as making all-such to another-s in human relations of twos and mores, forget and let slip the dogs of warfare-grounds’-for, with low-to-no little momentary, or best for ‘all-time-winners’, no pangs of conscience of love  or notions or emotions or promptings as felt from within along such lines of any kinds, making one able to manipulate with quiet-self-glee, others’ foolish trying time and again, you inviting ever more them to, get through to you what IT is, the thingly-things’-making habit inhuman they are resting so-seeming at-ease and “well” within; which any such a one surely knows will further disempower and make out to be “losers” at Life’s Game rules all the same from births to deaths for as long, and as deep and as wide, as “winner types” will ever remember; Until IT all falls down on them too.

So, being a fore-Seer and a fore-Runner of a New or remembered former Better Way and Way Forwards Together, rather than in self-congratulatory conglomerates of little-selfs’ circles.  Did you ever wonder why? the times you were career or otherwise trapped into going to those folks’ Awards to Themselves’ Dinners and Conventions, You had to sneak out of the Big Banquet Room, not having been able to choke down a single morsel of what was served; and had dry-heaved IT all up, and then some? Do you recall.  Any times like that? Lifetimes with that in all of them you can recall?  Well, all’s I’m saying is the only One Truly saying with ANY authority to You my Friend that You need to hang in there and hang or be a miners’ canary again and again, until the other “winner” one’s “get it” that You are no longer willing to be as passive-teacher one of their predators’ ever-parties’ preys.

They don’t have to “get it” before you disappear, sort of in the manner, though not in the Way they ever have, [and still will be doing for as long as they avoid self-consequences], as when they just simply forget themselves in the role they’ve promised and/or otherwise agreed to, legally, morally, ethically, seeming humanly, to play a certain part together with yourself in serving shared, spelled-out and however many times (One Real Time trumps an infinite number of false-half to zero-hearted times) they’ve said so in personal relations, or signed contracts so in work and/or professional hired helper formal relations.

Those who ever will and do “go the extra mile” for other than self-promoting and vanity self-reasons, but truly for the benefit of other lives, as for the keeping of their own consciences of real Life lives’ livingness in love’s honesty and inability to be artificially ever reproduced.  So, if your ideal of A.I. Artificial Intelligence of calculating-computing machineries does not include these considerations; chalk it off please, as just another human nightmare; and kill the project before investing one bit more in.”

~ a wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma more truly Free Associating With, circa 7:05pm Monday October 2nd 2017 via-thru Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on FB

“never allow growing knowledge to make of your Heart of hearts cynical and so dis-associative, as that error trumps as magnifies all self- and groupself- errors for major hard-to-shake longtime ill-effects”

“While yes, it is so, that little Really-matters-actually in the way and manner most of we perceive and believe, and though less and less this is so as we do learn, incorporate/embody and follow-through in our doings and not doings consciously with Life-lessons learned-well-so here within this EarthLife Hosted earthplane school who’s curricula is Not ‘skippable’ and we are karmically bound here as well as free to set our own Self-learning/remembering paces, until the whole curriculum we Know ourSelfs to have graduated  … this all being said, it is even more True to Life as to our human lives, both as individuals and groupwise, that any as any-all of ourselves become cynical and/or other’wise’ disassociative, when sensing all or part of the above-outlined, this human fear-based with-hubris error is a bigtime-one, in that its ill-making consquences for all earthives potentially and actually is far more broad, deep, fundamental and thereby potentially and usually-actually longlived as long lasting in terms of general and specific human collective psyche, and EarthLife and EarthLife’s all earthlives’ supportive when-well-related-with consciously by we humanKINds, Gaia feminine outer Body of Who’s Nature we are all as much parts of as we are part of the One Human Life Soul subtler and ever more longlived Body; so let us at all LIFE learning stages of awakenings and of further-ever-more enlightenments, remember to, As That Greatest Disciple so-far of The Christ put it: “I have shown you both Life and death; therefore choose Life.” And He also said we are given to ponder the truth of also whether He said in fact or not any recorded words purported to have been uttered by Him: “I tell ye, ye are gods” and “greater things will ye do than I have done” because after all He was only one incarnation however unprecedented in some ways, of Life-As Lighted Love Both demonstrating in a Living Way As That Living Way, and so: “grounding deeper into this earthplane This Living Principle as accessable”, as 500 years’ earlier Siddhartha Gautama Buddha has done all the way down from the Logoic and beyond into the Intutitive Buddhi-manasic 4th plane of [from our human points of view] Higher Mind, The Disciple J. did so all the way down into and through the lower-mental manas of the human brainmind plane of the intellect, into and down through the local astral subplanes’ substances of human individuals’ and groups’ emotional self-natures, into and down through both the local etheric energies’ subplanes and as templates for the dense passing/non-principle physical bodies of the majority of earthplane lives’ incarnations, and down into even the solo-cells self-made of ‘hells’ where, yes is is so, even angels of the Light do mostly fear to tred or be there to help-out, though there are Great ArchAngelic Lives of exception to this generality, and So The Christ via the Life Mission of The Greatest so-far World Disciple World Savior One Jesus or Jeshua, in another Way Forwards Living LIFE Bridge out of darkness and fear of death and bondage to both, for Real and Actual, as well as in potenia for the majority of we here now, Sounded the Keynote of the Human Evolution which is Joy, in enJoyn ing more truly intimately powerfully than ever before so far as we know of, the Angelic and the Human co-evolutionary lines, in a Way of New Synthesis and So New Unified Work Within all of today’s Workers in the Vineyards of a Matured almost and already EarthSchoolplane graduate Master-Initiates Way and Available to skillful white scientific occult New means as well of meeting the need well and in an accelerated and unprecedentedly potent way and manner; which as even any fool can See, is So Called-for today; at this unprecendented humanAge-passage of opening, challenge, opportunity, and all the necessary to pass-through new energies and grounded-available to-incorporate new skillful means to so-apply for the benefit of all lives, which is the Aquarian vibration as symbolized by the pouring out of the pitcher of practically-endless Living Waters for the benefit of every member of One Humanity.”

~ via/passed-on thru Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on FB circa 3:21pm EDST USA on this Monday of October 2nd 2017, being another wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the dream dharma more truly Free Association of maturing Life living servers today

If he or she is not hungry or in some kind of real distress we ought not stand for the waiter eating our meal and/or rushing us through it to his or her learned life pulse rate

“The WolfeOssaLegal artist-client perspectival equivalencies’ view”

by Tim Onucki, presently client of WolfeOssaLegal on Retainer

“Such good was by Tom and Diane done for mom and myself.

Nothing can ever change that.

Which is why in midstream of last summer when I let Tom know how much I appreciated his getting me and mom through the narrows of Scylia and Charibys would I or she never could have navigated by ourselves the legal deep waters of; and that I needed to get another lawyer for my Home Sale one, to get that ‘er done.

Never any hard feelings in me towards Tom, and ever gratitude, and still my need at that point was to clear the decks once and for all of incorrectly made-up files of official credit score and legal farce if not following me killing my freedom of self-movement, earned-longtime-now-respect of a mature responsible many times over demonstrated son and citizen-homeowner-landlord, care giver and property manager and care coordinator; this son alone.

However, Tom would not then, or now, take me seriously, and said to me that we had been associated for so long now with me as his client, that my going-elsewhere for legal help was “off the table”.  I was too amused and too warm feeling in my heart to protest such self-certainty on Tom’s part.  And with A LOT of coaxing from me of Tom,  Cristian Closed and Edgar got his realtor wheeler-dealer friend William to, 99th hour, give me a one year non-renewable lease on the 2nd Fl. Apt. living space of the 3 generations’ of Onucki-Metz-Donnelly Home, at which time I resolved; as I had on Aug. 1st 2015 when mom passed peacefully and not in pain or fear on ahead of us, to make all of my files on record recognizable as my Real Self respected and carte blanche given for so-being on all the societal levels expected, free to move about this earthplane and no more answer to idiots and felons posing as judges and prosecutors and luvers who did all they did to (the Not at all and Nothing even close to Like Me) “me” that they managed out of their illnesses to do ever insisting that they did for love,  and all of that karmic human family toxic bullshit nonsense.

So, tonight on my way back from Rutgers botanical gardens and arboretum, I stopped in on a whim on my way to sauna, steam bathe and swim, as I now again do for myself nightly, at The Sklylark Diner at dinner time; a food place I’d never been to.

A Diane-like actual operator and knower of all the players-servers at this establishment, was a kind-helpful interactor-hostess with the diners, introducing each one or group of diners to the place, and following up in this one’s quiet-efficient way of coordinating to serve that actual needs and patron and establishment agreements.

I thought to myself, like Diane’s one and only WolfeOssaLegal offices knower of where the files are kept, what’s in them, and more importantly who’s lives are recorded in them insofar as agreed to by client with limited partnership legal firm’s lawyers’ formally and informally; in some cases on record in those files explicitly stating: “according to the client’s special request-s”.

Like Diane in that sense, this lady of The Skylark Diner restaurant knew who was there on either side of the table of service so to say of both patron-diners on the one side, and of waiters and bar tenders and prep-cooks and chefs and head chefs and owners behind the scenes even I had that impression of her all knowing and being the one who made it all run as well as it all did; and giving life so to more than just say, to the promisory card on every table setting which explained the philosophy of The Skylark Diner restaurant chain to be all about relaxed enjoyable dining experience for those who like the familiar diner fare well made, as for those who like dining meal experiences more particular of taste; and for those of course who can go either way.

It was she also who managed without being noticed doing so even by myself a keen observer, to tune-in to the fact that this diner was enjoying the meal he’d had somewhat custom chosen and made well by the chef and all the rest from waiter to same preparer-in-chief; she managed to somehow ‘read my thoughts’ of me then being in a very quiet meditative mood of enjoying slowing eating my meal, chewing every bite savoring until turned to liquid before swallowing meditatively deliciously too, as when I’d lived and worked at the Kripalu ashram-then and still-as-then-now Center for guests of Yoga and Health resident given programs and services in the Berkshires back in the early to mid-eighties.

How this wonder-woman “Hostess” tuned-in to that in some Senes, I’ll never Know; all I Know is that the 3rd time the nice enough, yet learned all his cues on human good behavior from the central NJ-tri-State school of busybodiness and rush-rush time-is-money foolishly over-well-done class of post WWII to present, and the 3rd time he interrupted my gastronomic and meditative bliss to upbeat ask me if I was doing ok and to please take my time, meaning of course, time-is-money and don’t take too much time, and your dining experience is not yours so much as by the design of the establishment I work for; as I understand it … and I began to be mildly irritated as I knew there was zero point and all wasted effort in my trying-myself to explain any of this in a nice way to him.

And she suddenly appeared and with a glance and without words, this way underpaid and far too modest formal title-position given and by her calming and selflessly accepted person, somehow managed to convey to the waiter in a kind manner he could take-in and go-with, that this diner-patron was a special case, not to be treated in any patronizing manner; and quite the opposite of, observed and related to creatively: re-cognizing the standard waiter-drill that he’d adopted and which worked ok for/on most.

Next thing I knew having finished my nice craft beer and meal there, I was on the road and at the Y sauna-ing, steam bathing, swimming, showering all in between and feeling very well cared for by myself as by my experience at The Skylark Diner restaurant afterall too.  And then I spoke with a man in the locker room briefly sharing after tuning-in to his conversation with another younger man who was just starting out in becoming a certified teacher in NJ, and in the U.S. having just immigrated to not long before, and was at the same time as teaching second graders, going for his Master’s Teaching degree here in America and saying how nice this decompression-detox-time as he put it so well, was feeling to him to have the luxury of as many times of evenings as he could and did squeeze in.  He was a busy man, and yet seemed to have time for others and for even his own much needed he wisely self-served-too, his regular relaxation healthy recreation fun to-do’s.

What came out of me to the older man who had been conversing with that younger man teacher-student-swimmer-young wise man from another culture somewhere in The East I could not help but see in his physiology and facial characteristics, and well-rounded lean yet flexibly busy-man and much-else good self in this world … what came out of me to the older man was a childhood memory of my grandparents having shared more than once with me the old folks’ goodsense saying of “If you really want something done and on time, give it to a busy person.”  And this older man in the locker room smiled, and simply and with good feeling of sharing said back to me, “Yes that is so true.  Well organized ones who take on much are ones who can and usually do take on more, and help others well too; seeing their time as a gift of life to be used well for good.”

And I said, “Yes, and the listen in to and see others’ lives and needs on different levels quite well too; or so I’ve lived to see.”

And we kind of both nodded-bowed smiling with one another.

And that was that.  No dramatics.  No cross-purposes.  Simply so.

Of course, if the earthLifeschool classes for we humanKINds were to be all like that, most of us would not get the harder Life lessons so many of us continue to need, if resist like hell, until we too become simply and know our lives as our times are not self-made not ultimately “our own” in the sense of “serving our self-agendas” learned by taking cues not always from the best or wisest sources.

Like the not unkind or mean-spirited waiter who’s in a hurry he would have gone on unconsciously sharing with those he served unless by her magical ways of listening, seeing and communicating, that Hostess-lady who actually coordinated well all at The Skylark Diner chain unique route 1 north in Edison restaurant dining experience for all patrons there, including unusual ones like me.

Recently I know I’ve promised myself and Cristian to Not share via e-mail about anything that is off-topic or deep-background, or that we two can, with a few words, share on the move, so to more than just say, in person in the WolfeOssaLegal services’ office.  And I do understand I think Cristian’s thinking in sharing with me most recently that he’s busy until mid-October with a case that involves a trial I think he shared? Or in any case his court appearances.

And most recently when I went a bit also against my shared self-resolve to not share much if any at all via e-mail channel of communication with WolfeOssaLegal, I did forward to Tom what I’d suggested to Cristian and copied earlier to Diane, or the other way around? No matter: that in light of our actual client-lawyers and patron-with-WolfeOssaLegal hammered out by me mostly with Cristian of my specific client needs/requests for both my credit score and for my expungments to both be done on the front-burner of this Law Firm being formally agreed to prior to my being willing to plunck down the Cristian requested of me Retainer Fee in that event which did come to pass and I did write that check and leave with Diane who said she’d make me a copy-of and of-the-check and I said that would not be called for as I trust in the Firm’s Word given me verbally and in e-mail written from short-hand version of course.

What I had forwarded to Tom (and Diane) was my request of Cristian after he shared that he’d be not working on my case-s until mid-Oct. at the earliest and the reason why, and that Diane and I could for billable hours work on some stuff as her schedule permitted, and my suggestion was maybe Tom could get involved and do some of the work on the financials and maybe some on the expungments too? And when Tom e-replied it was obvious to me that he, nor likely Cristian saw that Tim as client request for feedback at least on, and being kept in the up to date timely info loop as well as feedback on their considering of that proposal in my client response to Cristian’s writing me that he would be now exclusively working on the client case for trial until at least mid-Oct., and Tom did e-reply, but wrote only: “Thanks for keeping me in the loop.”

Seems loopy and more than a bit dissociative to myself as both person and loyal longtime client.  That’s my dining experience take.

However I won’t let it give me indigestion or bad dreams.

Simply, this time around, if I feel an inner call to find another law firm to do what I can formally agree with them is my need/request to be done, and how and with front-burner my case-s’ status with them; I will, like that Hostess with her quiet Mostest, and that locker room at the Y kind simple 3 way conversation of me mostly listening-in and then being reminded of my grandparents’ wisdom; I will just hire another lawyer or law firm, say nothing, write nothing, and accept my time and money losses as a life lesson only with no harmful intents on anyones’ parts to have played-out here now this Autumn of 2017 with for me less than 11 months now to not again be in a stressed-out next-summertime 99th hour looking for and begging for an Apt. when I am a responsible person-citizen-soul with by grace of Tom’s good work enough money to become the world citizen I deserve to be now if that is what pleases me and my God and my Self Nature to serve others’ lives Freely as well.”

Tim 11:35pm Friday September 29th 2017 free to move freely soon


both sides hardfast groupselfs’ certain against the actual middle way presentday lives ever being given even any actual much less Real or simply unbiased good feeling ~ hearing

“Here’s a snapshot downside-negative viewpoint on the mass-acceptably-normal nowadaze human protocol for human communications and relations, outside of interviewing for a good for you job or whatever: “Simply” here is this modern Its-making of us all Art of those-“human”-deals’makings: “Hi, first off, I resent having to say this, you ought to know, but I have zero interest in any ‘Us’ of the kind you seem ‘into’ of ‘our getting to Really Know one another’ and to actually ‘enjoy our doing so more and more over time’ if this crazy ‘We idea’ that ‘you alone seem to have in you alone’ as you put it ‘not pnly lasts, but grows Us both not only Really Together, but inevitably in ways mostly unknown and unknowable to Us, Touch positively so many others’ lives’.  Listen to me clearly pally, “First off: keep your f-ing ‘True Self’ to ‘Your goddamn self’; Ok?” “Secondly, I have zero interest in your fantasy life about so-called ‘LIFE Source’ and your so-called ‘Livingness thereof’.  Am I being clear enough for you buddy boygirl manwoman adultchild maturehumanSoul; whatever, the F you think you are? Or worse, that any ‘We’ might be or become? Got it strangebrew?” Pause for effect and cowing to this arrangement sign from myself. “Lastly, here IT Is: You’re attractive in a weird way I admit to me, so we can, without any stupid ‘life plan-s’, fuck and maybe, just maybe get hitched together in some sense, and/or even legality, who cares? Really! Duh.  So long as the policelike yellow tape lines are agreed on in any living spaces and/or shared lifestyles we may or may not ever fall into for so long as any of that lasts; as for the rest of ‘you’ I could not care less, and I feel the same about ‘your so-called rest of the wholer-realer Me’; okay dokay non-smoky one?” Pause for effect and cowing to this arrangement sign from myself.  Facts are though that this is all fantasy.  No majority normal ‘human’ ones today are even remotedly so-self-honest and so response able of sharing their real values and willingness to’s and not to’s either upfront or midway-thru or at the all-never-good endings-of’s.  Everyone ‘normal-nowadaze’ is Both: 1) supposed to know all of this down pat, and 2) to have long-ago, by almost any human linear age nowadaze, have ‘gotten this all down with no feelings to ever think again about any much less all of IT’.  So, in actuality-reality for the most parts played-out today and for awhile-now-here by myself feeling with no in-person outlet to share this with for a long while too (and no doubt I’ve been living in central NJ and online for a way too long time-again to even think and feel this way from the relations I’ve been within for the past decade or so, come back here to take good care solo of my mom until she passed also well and feeling safe and at peace away on Aug. 1st 2015) … in actuality-reality along these straight to hell devisish arts of the commonplace IT seems-so at-times ‘human-deal’ left to be played-out OR to withdraw altogether from.  I KNOW that’s Not So; but what a friend-lover used to call “the logic of the feeling” needs I think also to be somewhat honored before letting that too go altogether.  So here in the bad-dreams’ if sleep at all landscape of human nightmarish ever to myself collective ‘human’ modern dreamSelf-excape realm; I See also the bi-polarity of how extreme poles of human groups give-out with the, basically, same-as-outlined above “get back Jack” or “get back Jill” protocol or human relations’ normalcy, at least LOL J in central NJ! One one pole there are the self-annointed spiritual always transcenders who are never in a mood of themselves at all trance-endings.  Rather they preach by whispering behind the scenes so louding who they finger to be ostracized and worse sometimes patronized for their groups’ “sins” of “being/acting-out still too-personal of their personalities rather than only identifying well as Soul”; and for secondarily, “For being too convoluted and self-complicating in being willing to exhaust  good folks’ times, energies and patience in tolerating, let alone tuning at all in to; and much much less responding-to: as though meaningful for anyones of any spiritual maturity ever even trying to”.  And on the other human group normal todaze human relations game protocols unspoken and understood by the majority (at least here J in central NJ and online on FB and other social media, as a general rule, it sure seems-like to myself to be) are the self-ordained/self-proclaimed pragmatists who label all that is not of the human “progressive generational grind” of submitting ourselves all who would be ‘real’ to the ‘facts of life that are demonstrable and not airy-fairy wishlife magical childish thinking and acting-out hippie-ish or millennial whatever-ish-like Man’; and demand that they nor their groups hear one word let alone diatribes about ‘going to the radical root within as with others’ lives in human and all earthlives’ relationships in order to truly Really-Actualize our human potential for Real Change’.  “STOP all of that right there pally boymanchild womanchild freak ADHD moron! Get Real Fast or Get Lost Now.  Save us all wasted words and wasted lifetimes were we to even let a first word of that load of crap in to our real-life groups’ forums for changing the system.”

Problem for myself is my perception of these two poles of human individual and humangroupselfs’ selfs’-orientations of near-100% Both Polar (on the surface views of anywho) ‘Opposite Extremes and their members too who, to me, meet-up around the cylinder; as Alan Watts used to beautifully humorously teach about those human individual and groupself oriented certain ones, ever do actually come-together more than they’d ever care to admit-to.  Far more so, in fact; so-far anyhow/anywho: say I here in Jersey still doing my best to get myself cleared in practical ways for moving freely and well about this earthplane without becoming first or necessarily a multi-billionaire ‘in order’ to be eligible to.”

~ another wholly spirited extension of the waking up from the collective a-dharmic human mass dream so-far into the more dharmic truly Free Association of Real We’s, via this time again Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones on FB even more temporal self-I.D. passing-as, circa 9:21pm EDST USA on this Weds. late eve. of 9/27/17 which the Real Problem for mySelf has not all that much to do with this being another tossing of a ball solo against a Wall, as with the state of my present lifestage of exhaustion especially of these last two years free of having all-discharged a Herculean solo task with zero in this with me commitment from anyones, and much of the above rather nasty mean-spirited anyTHINGBUT humanKIND Real & Actual Living Responses of Yea or simply Nay; and more roadblocks to the simple live actually living than even I had ever imagined would have been alltheMORE being-erected still

YES OM A~U~M <<>> God is a verb along with being a noun, a dynamism of BEING With all we created eternal lives’ core deeply true beings, and GODNATURE in my relating-with is also an unprecendented uncreated protypical SELF/PERSON of Absolute Dual SELF-INFINITE-NATURE’s’ ONE IN ESSENCE EVER> DUAL IN SELFs’ NATUREs EVER >> AND EVER TRIUNE IN MOST BASIC MANIFESTING INCARNATING INTO PASSING FORM LIVES FREELY whenever a-dharma of humanity has temporally eclipsed dharmic human relating, acting-out together well, and refraining from any ill-making unCalled-for

“God, to me, it seems
is a verb, not a noun,
proper or improper.” ~ Bucky Fuller
from his No More Secondhand God (1963)
“on first priority in design consideration is the full realization
of individual potential in order to reach the second derivative of full realization for all individuals.” ~ Bucky Fuller again from his No More Secondhand God (1963)
Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones: “fuller Selfs’-Realizations of Actual Relations With they are of; never exhausted or over-with”
“The opposite of nature is impossible.” ~ Bucky Fuller from his
Public lecture at Columbia University (Spring 1965), quoted in “Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud” at PBS (12 December 2001)
Tim Onucki aka Robert Jones: “Eternal of True INFINITY As Well Spirit LIFE Qualities As Well As being more ourSelfs-With Ever, do Yes have No polar opposites or Real Living spectrums for such goings from poles to poles and in the middles of, as A Course in Miracles, which is Not my Path, or my taken-in-whole pyshe/humanSoul unto Spirit nourishment, says simply that We Like God Are Love and Love In Truth Really Has Any Opposite, and that to Realize that cannot be taught to anyone, only ACIM says, the way of true forgiveness and atonement as pre-requisites to Realizing oneSelf As Love. without any more little passing made-up self-reservations.”